Dating Advice for Men. Lesson 1
17 Nov, 2009

Appearance - Clothes and shoes

A women appreciates a man who looks good or at least tries to. Women take great care and effort of what they wear for different occasions and also take note of guys who do the same. Clothes is THE difference between dashing and ordinary. In addition, women do take note of shoes. It explains why they have a whole shoe rack full of shoes. Therefore, choose your shoes wisely too. Although different women have different taste in choice of clothes for men, it is generally acceptable to look neat and tidy. Here are some ways to achieve it.

1. Dressed Suitably

Formal wear are for formal occasions such as dinner in restaurants. T-shirts and jeans are for simple date at the mall. Shorts and singlets are for jogging in your nearby park and so on. You get the picture.

2. Iron your clothes

Its not a very good image to portray if your clothes are crumpled and you go out on a date. A woman will think that you are lazy and do not place any importance on the date.

3. Do NOT wear clothes with vulgarities, sexually suggestive images or words

We know that these clothes might be your favorite as it is very cheeky or portrays your style that you do not give a damn what's happening around. However, its a definite no no for dates as its rude, insensitive and too explicit for any potential girlfriends/wives to take it.

4. Go for well known , respected brands

We do not want you to show off. However, it is always nice to wear something that lets you get noticed by your date. If branded stuff is not your thing, at least get a simple respected brand that do not portray you as a cheapskate.

5. Ask another women for opinion

Lets face it. Man are pretty hopeless at fashion. That's why we hate shopping.(The clothes look the same anyway) To understand what is appropriate, what is nice on you, it is always good to get a female's opinion. After all, your date is another female and it is your date that is going to judge you on your date.