Dating Advice for Men. Lesson 5
11 Dec, 2009

Conversation - what to say and take note

Its always important to say the right things and things that will impress. Its also tremendously important not to say stupid things which may offend your date. You also do not want to bore your date by talking about things she totally cannot relate to. These are some things that you can mention or should take note while striking a conversation.

1. Be open minded

Do not show extremism towards subjects that your date talks about. It might just be something that she cares a lot about. Do not make any crude remarks on anything she says for the same reason. You do not want to leave a bad impression so fast.

2. Talk about common topics

Its a very common tip but its one of the most difficult to master. Man will naturally like to talk about themselves and their interests. However, there's no harm in talking about something in which your date has a huge passion for and you find it boring. There is also no harm talking about hot topics that she might be interested in. If you really are clueless about what to talk to her about, do some research beforehand on what to say. Her friends and appearance are good resources to start from.

3. Compliment and talk about her dressing

As mentioned in Lesson #1, women take great care of their dressing and man should therefore take notice of what women wear and compliment them. However, compliment her casually as you do not want her to think that you're totally captivated by her. You can follow up on her dressing by asking where she bought it and how much it cost. It helps her to feel important.

4. Joke

The sure way to succeed is always humor as women relates witty guys to not boring. No women likes boring guys no matter how good the impression he makes. Jokes can liven the atmosphere and creates a good impression for you.

5. Don't talk about sports, politics or other male gender dominated topics unless she is interested in them too

Men love their sports. Sports competitiveness brings out the excitement and happiness of men. However, most women know nuts about sports. Its no use telling your date about Michael Jordon's glorious history when she is more interested in the cute boyish basket ball player on the court. Therefore, unless you want to talk about how cute that basket ball player is, steer clear of sports. The same rule applies for other male gender dominated topics.

6. Lastly, Listen

Its no coincidence that women talks much more then men per day. Women love to talk and let their opinions be known. Therefore, its important to listen and appreciate what she says instead of talking all the time. It makes your date feels important.