Dating Advice for Men. Lesson 4
02 Dec, 2009


There's a proper way to behave in front of ladies. It is never nice to let women see the rough side of you especially on your first date. Behavior shows your character and whether your relationship can carry on. It is a further step forward after first impressions.

1. Do be chivalrous

Its the 21st century. No doubt that men and women have equal rights. However, there's nothing wrong to continue showing chivalry to women. Opening doors, helping to carry shopping bags, sending her home are all basic courtesy that is on the decline. However, women still loved to be pampered and there's nothing wrong with that. Stick with the ancient code of being a gentleman and you'll never be wrong.

2. Do treat women with respect

Do not ever make sexist or insensitive comments about women. Do not swear and curse when at the waiters just because they give bad service. Listen when your date talks and talk when she stops talking. Treat her properly and chances are you'll leave a lasting impression.

3. Do maintain eye contact

Eye contact is very important to show that you're interested in whatever she's talking. Its extremely disgusting if your date is talking and you are distracted by the chick that just walked by. However, its also important not to stare at her especially if you've just met her as it gives the impression that you are a pervert that is following her every action.

4. Don't get drunk in front of her

Being able to hold your liquor well equates to being strong in front of your mates. However, it is directly the opposite with women. Women hate drunkards as they are rowdy, noisy and totally obnoxious. They are a complete turnoff. Therefore, if possible, drink less if you're out on a date. Best of all, don't drink.

5. Don't get touchy too quickly

When you touch a woman, it breaks down their self defense and they will only allow this when they feel totally at ease and attracted to you. Therefore, unless she touches you or you feel totally at ease with her and that she's attracted to you. Do not touch her too quickly as she might think you only want sex.