Dating Advice for Men. Lesson 3
25 Nov, 2009

Confidence and Success

A confident man is a good looking man. Brad pitt can wear a skirt and yet look macho. However, confidence stems from success. Success in doing whatever you do impresses girls. Woman love a man who knows what they want and what they have done. The more difficult it is to achieve the success, the more impressed the girl. Here are some tips to show your confidence and success.

1. Know your goals

Women loves a man with direction. It gives them a sense of security. Even if you do not have much success in your goals, knowing your goals and letting her know that is the sign of a man who is clear and far sighted. Therefore, if you do not have goals up till now, its time to start thinking.

2. Be yourself

Everybody should be proud of themselves. It says a lot about your confidence. If you're a goofy character, just be one in front of her instead of trying to be somebody else. A women will love you for what your are and not what you try to be.

3. Take Risks, Break rules

Everybody admires risk taker. This includes women. A risk taker is seen as brave and charming as they are doing stuff ordinary people dare not do. This includes breaking conventional rules. It explains why bad boys often attract the best lookers out there.

4. Be knowledgeable

A knowledgeable man is seen as a confident man. A man who speaks wisdom with his every word is deem more successful then a man who craps a lot. So start ordering your newspapers and newsweek magazines now if you have not done so.