Dating Advice for Men. Lesson 2
21 Nov, 2009

Appearance - General

Not every man is born tall dark and handsome. In fact most are not. However, by looking presentable, every man can still capture the attention of their date. Here are some tips to look nice and presentable.

1. Shave before going out

No women will like the look of a rough beard or moustache sticking out from your face. Although there are the odd few who finds it sexy, chances are its better to look clean shaven and tidy. It gives a better positive image of a person who cares about the date and who takes care of oneself. 

2. Bathe often

It not our fault that men have larger sweat glands neither is it our fault that men enjoy sports that makes us soak in sweat. However, it could be our fault if we do not shower frequently. Every woman likes his man to smell nice and look clean. So if you're the type that sweat easily, be prepared to shower more, especially before meeting your date.

3. Get your cologne, aftershave out

Cologne and aftershaves are not for Gays. In fact, women find men who smell nice masculine. Just like bathing often, its also important to smell nice. After all, you do not want to spoil your first kiss with your date just because you smell awful.

4. Smile often

A smile helps to lessen the tension, projects a lively and positive image and best of all, a person always looks the best when you're smiling. We should always be smiling as we never know who is in love with your smile. Therefore practice smiling now if you are going out on a date soon!

5. Do not slouched

Slouching gives a bad impression of a person that is not confident, weak and no sense of security. Therefore, do what your mum always tell you. Stand straight and be proud of your height.

6. Try to look healthy

Get a tan if you look pale and sickly. Beef yourself up in the gym if you look scrawny. Go running if you're overweight and look fat. Its always important to look healthy and nice in front of your date. It projects a sunny image and women love it.